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From the first flakes of winter to spring's thaw, you're out there cutting through fresh powder on your sled with a giant grin on your face. But what if something unexpected happens? An unseen tree stump, a partially hidden fence?


Snowmobile Coverage That Does One Important Thing... Cover Snowmobiles.

Sounds simple, but shouldn't your snowmobile be covered by snowmobile insurance? All too often, people rely on their homeowners and/or auto insurance policies to make a snowmobile claim. Unfortunately, those policies provide little, if any, supplemental coverage for your snowmobile. That's where Tillson Agency can help. For only $10 per month on average, Snowmobile Insurance protects you, your passenger, your snowmobile, and even someone else's property. Here's how:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: Protects you if you cause an accident and someone is hurt, typically covering the other person's medical expenses.

  • Property Damage Liability: Protects you if you're at fault in an accident causing damage to another person's property. Coverage typically pays for expenses to damaged property such as vehicles, homes, and buildings.

  • Collision Coverage: Reimburses the cost of repairing your snowmobile after damage due to a collision with another object (such as another snowmobile, tree, or fence) you may want to consider

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protects from damages to your snowmobile due to almost any event: flooding, wind, vandalism, theft, or other reason not involving a crash with another vehicle.

Snowmobile Insurance can even provide coverage while your sled is in storage or needs a tow. Even if you have custom parts, they're included as part a covered claim. We've even got discounts available if you own multiple sleds. Figuring out where your other insurance ends and snowmobile insurance needs to start can be a lot.

Snowmobile Insurance is a No-Brainer But Use Your Head on Your Sled

Check First. Then Go.
Before you hit the trails, check the condition of your sled, including throttle, ski assemblies, rods, belt, headlights/taillights, brakes as well your fuel and battery levels. Also check the weather and remember to pack an emergency kit (flares, extra key, first aid kit, flashlight, spare fuel, etc.).

Know the Rules
Check with natural resource and law enforcement agencies to understand local laws and age restrictions for snowmobile operation.

Protect the Trail
Remember to respect the trail systems and riding. Avoid disturbing local wildlife and only ride within the areas you're permitted.

Pay Attention
The longer you ride, the slower your reaction time. Even though you may not feel tired, the combination of motion, wind, and vibration of the machine tends to dull your senses. Take breaks every few hours to stay safe.

Safety Trumps Style
Warm gloves, goggles, and a windproof outer layer can be just as vital to your safety as your helmet.

Tell Others Your Plan
Leave a "snow plan," a description of your planned route (kind of like a flight plan for snowmobiles), with family or friends and notify them when you arrive. You'll give them piece of mind and ensure they know where to look if something happens.

Never Add Alcohol
IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO OPERATE A SNOWMOBILE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL. Increased fatigue and decreased reaction time are a formula for disaster. Never drink and ride.

Riding at Night
Snowmobiling after dark requires special attention. The golden rule: Don't over drive your headlights. Always drive slow enough to see an object in time to avoid a collision.

Get Started
$10 per month is a small price to pay for a lot of protection.